Ep. 0: We the Chefs

We've taken the madness to the airwaves!  This episode is our ground floor, the foundation to our future episodes, and an extension to why we do what we do.  In short, I cover in this short episode how and why we want to turn everyone in the world into a chef.  

We've had the honor of meeting so many inspiring people in the food space that we wanted to share their insights directly with you through this podcast.  Here we interview a broad range of people from cooks, restaurateurs, bloggers, farmers, academics, home cooks, and everything in between on an equally broad range of topics from food history, cooking hacks, philosophical arguments, side hustle advice, and much much more!

If you're looking for a deeper dive into the things we eat (on a plate or otherwise) and are in search for the chef in us all, listen on, cook more, eat better, live well!