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Whether you've been to one of our dinners and want to be on the other side of the stove or listened to a podcast and need to get something off you're chest, we'd love to have you be a part of the crew.  What's that you ask?  Minimum requirements?  Lower than the bottom shelf vodka you've got stashed behind your pots and pans!

  • If you can hold a knife and boil water...you can help cook
  • If you work in the food space or have an informed opinion around food issues...you can voice them
  • If you can write coherent sentences around a story worth telling...you can get your writing featured
  • If you have an event idea but don't know where to start...you can start here
  • ...and if you have tons of extra cash but don't know where to store it...you can "keep" it with us




  • Plan, prep, cook, and/or serve food & drinks during our mutli-course dinners


  • Guest, co-host, and/or produce bi-weekly podcast episodes


  • Everything from private events to blog posts and speaking engagements...it's all fair game!

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