Food solves all problems. As bread is broken, so too are the walls we’ve spent a lifetime building
— probably someone wise

The power of food is hardly something that can be overstated.  Our most romantic dates, raucous family gatherings, stressful days wolfing down sandwiches from the local deli, lonely nights inhaling pints of ice cream, to the very first meal we remember being fed by our parents, food has and always will be a part of our life.  An unspoken language we all shared since the beginning of time.

Our tastes have become more global, our collective Instagram showing an appreciation for all things gustatory.  Yet its strange to see that we are cooking less.  The quicker a meal can be made, the better, and as Michael Pollan once lamented: “we are so eager to to watch other people browning beef cubes on screen but so much less eager to brown them ourselves?”.

Here at Hidden Apron, we believe people should cook more and that spending a few leisurely hours on a weekend preparing a meal rather than finding out a 5-minute microwaveable shortcut is far more fulfilling an experience.  We, like you, are primarily a group of home cooks and day-jobbers.  We're just regular people trying to cook more, eat better, and live well.  

We believe that more than just a simple recipe and a well-lit photograph, we need to celebrate our own personal stories around our food: how and why we eat the way we do.  On this site you’ll find just that.  Stories as told by the various cooks and diners featured on our podcast and through the dinners and collaborations we’ve held. By revisiting the rich food culture we share, we hope to inspire you not only to cook a little more and a little better, but hopefully, to see food as a vital enjoyment that not only keeps us alive, but lets us live.