Ep. 30: The New Filipino Kitchen Authors Pt. 1 - Joanne Boston, Chef Robert Menor, Chef Rodelio Aglibot

Joanne Boston

Joanne Boston

Chef Robert Menor

Chef Robert Menor

Chef Rodelio Aglibot

Chef Rodelio Aglibot

This is a special episode that is the first in a series of conversations with fellow authors of the recently published cookbook and anthology, "The New Filipino Kitchen" (available on Amazon) that features Filipino cooks, writers, and thinkers all across the globe.  We take a peek into how they view the world and their cuisine.

For this West Coast edition, we feature: 

  • Joanne Boston (previously featured in Episode 2!), the founder of JBKollaborations, a company that creates events promoting Filipino Food at the local and national level.  Joanne has been a part of the local food scene in the Bay Area for years and has written for places like CBS San Francisco and the San Francisco Chronicle.  She’s also a full-time student and works as a medical reimbursement specialist during the day.

  • Robert Menor, aka Adobo Loko.  Born in Montana and raised in Little Manila, Stockton, CA, Chef Rob is a mestizo (half Filipino and Mexican).  He’s cooked in restaurants in places like Chicago, Ohio, and all over California, bringing his unique take on Filipino food.  He’s also quite the hip hop head and “remixes” his foods to straddle the diverse experiences he’s had throughout his life.

  • Rodelio Aglibot, aka the Food Buddha.  A true industry vet.  Besides opening, working in, and with several critically-acclaimed restaurants from California to Chicago to Rome, Chef Rod has hosted his own TV Show also called the Food Buddha (he talks and looks like one…if Buddha was a boisterous Filipino).  He’s been featured in the Today Show, Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Chicago Tribune…the list goes on forever!  Chef Rod is truly a foodie’s foodie.  

We explore views that span the culinary gamut and proved again just how diverse our cuisine is.  While we spend a good amount of time on Filipino Cuisine and Culture and what this book means to us, we also take a broader look at things:

  • How to inspire others, pass on knowledge, and organize communities, all while staying sane and,

  • How knowing your own history empowers you to break through subconscious barriers. 


9:30 - How the Authors chose the Dishes they wrote about
13:15 - How one learns about a Cuisine
    *Follow the ones who make it the best
16:00 - Defining Filipino Food: Cook, Ingredients, Story
18:15 - Filipino Food from 2016 to Present
*Hidden Apron Radio Episode 2: Joanne Boston
    *On Mainstreaming
    *On Social Media
25:15 - Does Food have to change to become mainstream?
    *On using Luxury and Shock
27:00 - On Filipino "Self-Centeredness” vs. Collaboration
31:45 - The Filipino as Culinary Diplomat // “If you're not from anywhere, you’re from everywhere"
34:00 - The Authors’ wishes for their Community
    *On Support
    *On Integrity
36:45 - On Inspiring Others + Staying Sane
    *Joanne on “Lifelines", Checking in, and CBD
43:45 - Know History, Know Self
47:00 - On Doing “You” + the Fear of Dreaming Big
    *On Being the “Bad” Filipin@
51:00 - On Confidence // "No one knows what’s going on"

Rapid Fire with Joanne, Robert, and Rodelio
Most Influential People
Chef Rodelio: The 23-Year-Old Rodelio
    Joanne: Joanne’s Mom (+ her Haters)
    Chef Robert: Robert’s Grandmother and Great-Uncle
Best Tools Ever Purchased:
Chef Robert: His Bandana
    Chef Rodelio: Boerner “Julienner"
    Joanne: Silicon Spatula + Passion Planner
3 Ingredients That Describe Them:
Chef Robert: Pork Blood, Pinakurat Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar
    Chef Rodelio: Bagoong, Ampalaya, Brown Sugar
    Joanne: Salt, Calamansi, Garlic  
Resources for the Common Person (all movies!):
Chef Rodelio: Big Night + The Hundred-Foot Journey
    Chef Robert: Hustle & Flow
    Joanne: Pretty Woman
If Their Life Stories was Written in One Sentence
Chef Rodelio: "It’s Filipino to Me"
    Chef Robert: "Blood In, Blood Out"
    Joanne: “Share the Culture and Food through Story, Multimedia, and Events”

Foods Referenced:
Pulutan - Filipino term used to describe foods eaten as Appetizers or Snacks, usually with Alcoholic Beverages
Bagoong - Filipino fermented Seafood (usually Fish or Krill) Paste
Ampalaya - Bitter Melon
Pinakurat Vinegar - Coconut Vinegar spiced with Chilis, Garlic, Ginger, Fruit, and other Aromatics

People Referenced:
Chef Carlo Lamagna, Magna Restaurant (Portland)
Dr Dawn Mabalon (RIP) - Professor, Author, Historian, Activist

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Joanne Boston: @jbkollaborations
Chef Rodelio Aglibot: @thefoodbuddha / @chefrodaglibot
Chef Robert Menor: @adoboloko 
Chef Robert Menor: Adobo Loko