Ep. 15: Isang Smith - Perpetual Runner, Recovery Expert, Self-Professed Coffee Addict


Isang Smith is a Licensed Massage Therapist, multi-sport athlete and coach from running (she’s won the Silver for the 800 m. and Gold for the 1500 m. during the Philippine National Open in 2015), Muay Thai, strength training, and all around badass.  She earned a BA in Psychology from Columbia University where she also competed in their Division 1 Track & Field Team.  

Her interest in Integrative Medicine came immediately after Massage Therapy and Acupuncture resolved a troublesome calf injury during her senior year track season. Inspired to learn more about these therapeutic modalities, she attended and graduated from the Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy in 2012.  She is currently attending the Tri-State College of Acupuncture for my Masters in Oriental Medicine on her journey to help athletes of all levels recover from injuries and prevent future ones. 

Paolo's been going through training lately from weights, gymnastic strength, and dance while Ricky's made the gym his second home so we wanted to get folks from the fitness and health side of things into the show this year. This is definitely an episode where you’ll hear about how food literally fuels the body and a professional athlete’s take on it.  We talk a little bit about Isang’s work, common misconceptions about health…especially around recovery, her approach to nutrition, questions you should ask before you build your nutrition plan, and how she uses sports as a way not just to empower herself but also build communities around her.  

It’s important to note that while we focus on some tactics (many quite simple and far less overwhelming than the internet makes it seem), there are some big takeaways in what Isang has to say about the mindset and approach one takes.  Also featured on the show is Lee Scantalides, also an accomplished athlete and trainer, who managed to pop in for a question or two. 


6:45 - What Isang Does/Is: Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, Running, Strength Training, Massage
10:45 - "Running is Everything" // The road from Running to Massage to Acupuncture
14:00 - Misconceptions around working out // The myth of "No Pain, No Gain"
17:45 - Massage: different “strokes” for different folks // How do you get a patient to “reset”
25:45 - What to look for in a good coach/therapist // The importance of community and empathy
28:30 - Differences in diet between different activities/sports: Non-training vs. Training
31:00 - Building a daily nutrition plan
33:30 - Diet for short v. long-distance running
37:45 - Non-intimidating diets: on counting calories, weighing food, and Tupperware meals
41:30 - Defeating the monotony of diets
44:45 - The misconception of eating less to lose weight // The myth of “Starvation Mode”
47:00 - Questions to ask before you build your own Nutrition Plan: Knowing Why and keeping Food Diaries (Isang uses the Passion Planner)
53:15 - On Shit
54:30 - Is Health a Luxury? // “Bougie Food” and “Food Deserts”
1:00:30 - Lee Scantalides on Prioritizing Health
1:05:10 - The 80/20 Rule: 
    Isang - Meditation, Connection, Self-Awareness
    Lee - Regular/CONSISTENT Activity ("Cumulative Effect Over Time”), Drink More Water, “Reward Day”
1:07:30 - Reward Day / Down Day Foods
1:08:40 - On Coffee
1:11:20 - Training-friendly Pinoy foods // Eating while traveling
1:16:00 - Proudest running moments and being in The Zone // “Run Anyway"
    Being in the Zone
    The Fun Zone
1:23:45 - Sports in the Age of Trump
1:27:05 - “Thank You Running” // Why Isang Keeps Running

Rapid Fire:
Most Influential Person: Her first coach
Most Useful Tool: The Stick Roller
3 Ingredients That Describe Isang: Chocolate, Coffee, Peppermint
Resource for the Common Person: Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

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Instagram: @AcuTalks (on the acupuncture industry) // @onpointsportscare (Isang's massage/acupuncture practice) // @isangsmith (Personal)
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