Ep. 8: Hillary Reeves - Pro Blogger & Marketeer on Singing Cheeseburgers and Data-Driven Grocery Shopping


We're back in business and sharing this conversation that's been years in the making!  I first reached out to Hillary back when I was looking to start my own blog and we've just recently re-connected to talk about her experiences both in blogging and her current day hustle as Chicory's Marketing Manager.  

It's a double whammy of an episode as we cover:
- the basics of blogging & the need to be consistent/efficient
- what are the biggest drivers of "success" when it comes to blogging & writing (it's the little things!)
- how data can change the way we buy food, cook, and eat via Chicory's technology that allows people to shop their favorite recipes online
- how the power is shifting from brands to consumers in today's social media-driven world

This is a must listen for bloggers who are struggling to find a consistent practice (ie. me) as well as data geeks (ie. also me) out there who want to see how data-driven insights can revolutionize everything from recipe development to how brands create food products.


6:50 - Motorino
12:10 - Hillary's most popular blog post
13:00 - SEO
14:40 - The most challenging aspects of blogging
15:10 - Making blogging a little bit easier
17:50 - Defining success
19:00 - What drives success: Images, Headshots, Joining a community
22:00 - Fujifilm X100t
23:00 - Shops to find props for food photography
24:50 - How to come up with ideas for blog posts
28:10 - Workarounds and blogging hacks
32:45 - Becoming a better writer
34:40 - davidleibovitz.com by David Leibovitz
34:50 - mynameisyeh.com by Molly Yeh
35:10 - orangette.net by Molly Wizenberg
35:50 - Blogging pet peeves
40:35 - How much effort is required to monetize a blog
43:00 - Chicory
44:15 - The challenges of analyzing recipes using technology
47:00 - Consumer vs. brand power
49:50 - Difference between what bloggers are writing and what people what actually cook
55:45 - Recipe development and sponsored recipes
57:20 - How online groceries are changing how people shop, cook, and eat
1:00:35 - Peapod
1:10:15 - Blood, Bones, and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton
11:50:00 - Building confidence in your art and craft 

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Twitter - @hillreeves
Website - hillreeves.com / chicory.co
E-mail - hill.reeves@gmail.com