We don't eat like we used to.  Gone are the days when spending hours in the kitchen cooking a meal that fed the mind, heart, and soul was the norm and somehow we spend more time looking at food porn than actually preparing and eating it.  When we finally do dine, we alternate between hastily inhaled salads at our desks, cheap filler work night dinners, and the too-rare occasion of dining at the hottest new restaurant in town. We have somehow come to believe that a fun, nutritious, and experiential dinner can only happen in the halls of the Michelin-starred.

We'd like to change that.  Blending history, science, culture, and storytelling, our dinners are thought-out experiences.  You'll meet new people, discover new tastes, and OK...maybe you'll snap an Instagram or two.  One things for sure, you won't be going out to "just another pop-up" as the locations, menus, and even cooks change.  We say outright that none of us are chefs in the traditional sense but we all share a deep love for sharing our stories and food with others.  If you enjoy thinking and talking about your food as much as you do sharing and eating it, then you've come to the right place.  Come feast!

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We strongly believe that regular, nutritious, and affordable meals are a basic human right.  As such, a portion to all of the profits of our dinners are invested in the Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK), a for-impact organization that seeks to eradicate poverty in rural areas by empowering farmers and getting kids back to school through their award-winning feeding program, entrepreneurial ventures, and community organizing.

For more information, visit ARK's website.